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Born in Shanghai China
1983  Shanghai Art  & Design School

1989  BA, The Central Academy of Art & Design (now Academy of Art&Design, Tsinghua University), Beijing.


Twenty-some years of living in the west after immigrating to Canada has bridged the early years of my artistic life in the East, reaching across viaduct upon meeting the West.


Experiential structure and the entity of logical formed vocabulary, in companion with Eastern realm, aesthetics, unruliness, etherealness, the art of the East and West are rather identically different flowers from the same root, two opposing paths coming to one end, inherently converging to a contemporary philosophy of the mind.


Unearthing wholly distinct imageries or subjects, proceeding backwards from imaginations, from forms and contents, affirming unit of aesthetics, loading reconstruction of abstract fragmentations, visualisations, indefinite and definite, lines, sizings of dimmed ink, scattered structures, and the uncertainty of color relations, entering a kind of meditation in Zen. Unconsciously intuitive spaces presenting themselves as fleshly measures, every course of brushwork, dynamic, shift manifest infinite expressions of the supernatural, it is of abstract, and of concrete.


The essence of Chinese “Shan Shui”as well as figures are some interesting visual containers that I am fond of, depending on the subjects at hand, I adjust my style of expression whenever necessary, the arbitrariness of mine is an attitude atop the concrete, for I am an artist unwilling to persist with one form, one style and one expression until the end, why not change for the ever-changing objects and imageries? For art is free, free as in the arbitrariness in me, and this shall be my understanding of art.

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